Is Andrew ‘Delivert’ Caldwell Just Seeking Attention?
Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at 1:44PM
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Article By Nikki Butler:: EEW Magazine News

Christianity, deliverance and ministry is not a game, but suddenly famous Internet star Andrew Caldwell seems intent on playing one.

After his animated testimony of freedom from homosexuality went viral last fall, the so-called “delivert” young man has continued stirring controversy.

His most recent interview with KSLA News, which he reportedly initiated by reaching out to a reporter on Facebook, casts doubts on his real motivation.

“They think that they can preach the homosexuals away in the Church of God In Christ and you can’t,” he told the news, slamming the global Pentecostal organization.

Caldwell, who requested prayer at the 107th Annual Holy Convocation of the Church of God In Christ, previously said he “don’t like mens no more.”

Now, however, not only is saying his urges are back, but he is denying pure motives from the onset, citing guilt as the reason he publicly asked to be “delivered more.”

During his sermon that evening, COGIC minister, Superintendent Earl Carter, used the word “sissy” to describe gay men and said he hoped they would “bleed from their butts”—something for which the presiding bishop Charles Blake apologized.

According to Caldwell, that drove him to seek prayer and denounce homosexuality.

Why then, after admitting to desiring men, once the KSLA article quoting him went public, did Caldwell take to Facebook to say he is, in fact,  “delivert”—his words—and that the things being said were “all lies,” and he does “love women?"

Not mens.

This is getting confusing.

In the on-camera interview, when asked where he currently is in his journey, Caldwell said, “I want God to work on my mannerisms. I want God to stop the switching [which means] walking like a woman.”

He also appealed to the viewing audience, saying, “Continue to pray for me, because I’m going through a lot each and every day."

From our vantage point, it looks like Caldwell doesn’t want to release his 15 minutes of fame. Being integrated into pop culture slang forever by popularizing “delivert” and spawning popular memes is not enough.

Already, he had a friend make a song out of his experience, which was being sold on iTunes before COGIC threatened a lawsuit. But just as his fading star was falling, he threw himself back into the limelight with an orchestrated interview.

Perhaps Caldwell should add attention-seeking to his list of things he needs to be “delivert” from.

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