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Disgrace: Le’Andria Johnson cusses online again months after profanity-filled, drunken Periscope rant 


Article By Bridget Hall// OPINION

It it time for the BET “Sunday Best” winner to sit down? Has she spun out of control? Is she a disgrace to ministry and poisonous to the flock of God?

Share Pastor and GRAMMY® Award-winning gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson posted a tweet containing profanity months after being blasted for a vulgar Labor Day Periscope broadcast.

“Cheers to kissing nobody’s a*s,” reads the brief message published Nov. 28—a clear cyber bird-flip to anyone who disagrees with her behavior.

In light of her pattern of willful sinning and destructive behavior, should the 32-year-old “Jesus” singer take a break from public ministry? Should she be banned from church pulpits and programs since she seemingly has no qualms about disrespecting her platform?

Le'Andria swears online (Photo Credit: Twitter)

In September, the BET "Sunday Best" winner published a video of herself “turning up,” meaning drinking, cussing and grooving to the music of superstar singer, Beyoncé—something for which she has not apologized.

“I’m drinking Patron,” said the star of Oxygen’s “Preachers of Atlanta” in the Periscope footage that shocked fans. “I’m in my house. I am 32 years old and I pay $4,250 to stay where I’m at right now honey. I am good. Everybody who don’t like it need to exit.”

The Labor Day rant showed the wild-eyed, defensive and tipsy singer yelling at viewers as she justified her decision to “turn up in my house” instead of the club. “Go suck some rocks!” she said defiantly.

The pastor of Imperfect People Changing Ministries in Hapeville, Ga, who weathered the storm of her out-of-wedlock 2012 pregnancy, said, “Let me tell y’all something. At the end of the day, we’ve been controlled by this religious beast for all of our lives. At the end of the day, there are real people out here with real issues, living in a real world, serving a real God.”

She went on, “I ain’t hiding nothing from y’all ‘cause I ain’t scared of y’all. I ain’t scared of nobody.”

After her outburst, some fans wondered whether Johnson feared God or had any concern about the consequences of defying His principles repeatedly while claiming to represent Him?

Perhaps it was the cup of liquid courage that pushed the wife and mother to say on camera that she was in her own “d*mn house” and ask, “So you think I’m about to give two apple sh*ts about what y’all thinking?”

Despite relatives’ efforts to get Johnson off the live-streaming social media app in September, she refused. She was interested in partying, drinking and taking fans along for the ride.

“I can’t say are you ready for a f*cking party in my house?” she asked someone off camera in a hushed tone who likely was trying to get her not to cross that line. “They not ready for me to say it?”

She said it anyway, albeit in a whisper.

Johnson, who has been honest about her previous struggles with alcohol, clubbing and promiscuity, was thought to be making progress before outing herself on social media.

“I was simply being me and enjoying being me,” the unremorseful, controversial preacher said in an interview with Praise 102.5 FM’s Darlene McCoy. “At the end of the day, I am imperfect before my fans, before my family and imperfect before God.”

While Johnson may be undeniably gifted, large numbers of concerned believers are saying she is undeniably in need of deliverance, too.

Would closing ministry doors and taking away opportunities help her get her act together?

Watch the rant below. *WARNING: Offensive language included

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