EXCLUSIVE: Gospel Singer Donnie McClurkin Reveals Throat Cancer
Sunday, September 14, 2014 at 6:19PM
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EEW Magazine sources confirm Donnie McClurkin announced doctors discovered cancerous scar tissue in his throat Sunday, September 2014 (Credit: GETTY) Share (EEW Magazine) The man with the golden voice, three-time Grammy® and ten-time Stellar Award winner Donnie McClurkin, 54, revealed a serious health battle on Sunday, September 14 at the Potter’s House in Dallas.

“Just a couple weeks ago, I had to have vocal surgery and they found that the scar tissue was cancerous,” said the singer, according to EEW Magazine sources.

Sounding weak-voiced and raspy, the “Stand” singer shared the shocking news during a promotional stop at Bishop TD Jakes’ 30,000-member mega church alongside Fred Hammond.

The veteran gospel singers kick off their 31-city “Festival of Praise” tour beginning September 17 in Houston.

This is not the first time McClurkin has sustained injury to his vocal chords. In 2013, he shared a troubling medical report with the public after a cyst on his left vocal chord ruptured, leaving his voice strained and sounding hoarse.

Fred Hammond will co-headline the "Festival of Praise" Tour with Donnie McClurkin (Credit: GETTY)

For more than a year, the pastor and syndicated radio host has dealt with a series of struggles and losses.

“I lost both of my parents within 10 months of each other and then my grandmother, 2 weeks after my father passed, lay in the floor in my house with a stroke at 94 years old,” he told the congregation.

Donnie McClurkin poses with his parents Frances and Donald McClurkin, Sr. (Credit: Yolanda Adams Morning Show)

Donald Andy McClurkin, Sr. died November 13, 2013 at the age of 79. His mother, Frances McClurkin, transitioned January 18, 2014. She was also 79.

Prior to mentioning their death to congregants, the vocalist vowed to do his best to talk about them "without crying."

He succeeded.

Now, with the removal of cancerous tissue from his throat, McClurkin is hoping to further succeed at churning out hits during a strenuous tour, though he said of the surgery, “It’s left me a little limited to go on tour.”

Despite the setback, McClurkin told the rapt congregation that he is maintaining his faith. “But I believe,” he declared. “I guess I could stop with that. I believe.”

He added, “I trust in God. I put my total confidence in God.”

Co-headliner Hammond, who is recovering from his own double knee replacement surgery performed in January remarked, “Ain’t this a combination, getting ready to hit the road? I can’t walk and he can’t talk.”

The “No Weapon” singer, who is now mobile without the use of a cane said, “But somehow we serve a God of the broken. We serve a God who’s really good with fragments.”

The two friends exited the platform holding onto each other.

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