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Bishop TD Jakes Counsels Couple Rocked By Multiple Affairs

Article By Emerald Herbert:: EEW Magazine Faith News

Mega Pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes is a counselor to millions. Now, he is set to take on another challenging counseling role—helping a pastor and wife heal their marriage after a decade of affairs.

Ron Carpenter, leader of Redemption World Outreach Center (RWOC) in Greenville, S.C. had his life devastated 4 months ago when he discovered his wife, Hope Carpenter, had been involved in several dalliances with other men.

But the scorned leader, who was once completely closed off to the idea of reconciliation, announced on Sunday, Jan. 6, that “Bishop Jakes stepped in” to help, according to Christian Post.

Jakes, the New York Time's Bestselling author of Let It Go, a book about forgiveness, has been married to his wife Serita Jakes for 30 years and regularly doles out advice on what it takes to build strong and lasting unions.

Bishop T.D. and Mrs. Serita Jakes cover the February 2013 issue of Ebony Magazine and share advice on how their marriage union has lasted 30 years

Carpenter was met with cheers when he told his congregation, "I want you to pray for me. I'm leaving this campus today and I'm going and getting on a plane and I'm going to try and fix my marriage.”

Watch Hope Carpenter Preaches the gospel before news of her multiple affairs broke.

He added, “We're going to be going together to a place of which I can't tell you, cause I'm like Abraham, I don't know where it is. I know it's off in the middle of nothing. All I can tell you is I want God to have His miracle."

So far, the miracle seems to be the hurting husband’s change of heart regarding his plans to give his marriage another try.

In Oct. 2013 he emphatically stated that getting back together with his modern-day Gomer—the adulteress wife of the biblical prophet Hosea—would not be happening.

“My pursuit is no longer the reconciliation of this union. My pursuit is not trying to restore her to ministry. It’s not trying to restore her to a union,” he said in the depth of his brokenness.

“I am trying to help her save her life. I do not want you to be falsely led or falsely praying or falsely believing, and I want you to know that position is solid. I never dreamed in a billion years I’d ever be here.”

But this week’s shift in position came after “a very dramatic experience a few weeks ago with God,” said Carpenter, which he did not go into detail about. The Pentecostal pastor only disclosed that it, whatever it was, “turned my heart” and “I just cannot let the enemy win. I cannot let him win."

Leading up to this point, despite Carpenter’s reluctance to try to work it out, he admitted his wife “has for long been willing.”

Jakes is hoping the willingness and openness can lead to healing and wholeness.

In a May 2011 interview, while promoting his film Jumping The Broom, Jakes noted, “Through counseling for 35 years, you begin to find out that ultimately the only glue that really holds a family together is their ability to be able to forgive each other.”



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Reader Comments (7)

I'm sorry for this Pastor's pain, but as a wife she doesn't have a ministry outside of being his wife. He doesn't get to discard her and hand her back to the Lord. For better or worse PASTOR. Before someone thinks Mathew 19 clarifies a divorce, please understand this: According to Mosaic law, a husband could divorce his wife for fornication. Fornication can only be committed by a single person. A married person commits adultery. So, the Mosaic law was speaking to that husband could annul the marriage if he found out that she had committed fornication prior to the marriage, which would mean she wasn't pure or a virgin like she lead him to believe. Therefore, he was deceived and the marriage took place under fraudulent circumstances. Remember when the angel told Joseph don't put Mary away because she hadn't fornicated, that child in her is of the Holy Ghost? Joseph was going to put her away, call off the engagement because her pregnancy meant that she has committed fornication. An affair is not grounds for a divorce CHRISTIANS.. Forgiveness and be reconciled back to the covenant and God.

January 6, 2014 | Unregistered Commentermscrusader

That's easier said than done. You'd have to be willing to put yourself at risk for STDs and the like. HIV/AIDS can even be dormant for years before symptoms show up. Salvation is the greatest gift, not a healed or restored marriage. All signs indicate she's a sex addict, and, therefore, she needs deliverance. There's nothing anyone can do to stop a sex addict from cheating; their sexual cravings are insatiable. His greatest concern right now should be for her deliverance. If he releases her and moves on with his life, that doesn't mean he didn't forgive her. He was on the right track when he stated he was trying to help save her life. I read a while back that she also suffers from some type of mental illness. Nonetheless, I wish them both well. He's one dynamic preacher of the Gospel and a blessing to many!

January 7, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJillian

It amazes me why people never understand that wisdom and the will of God goes hand in hand. Honoring your marital vows does not mean you can't use wisdom. Especially when extreme circumstances are present. There are ways to prevent the spread of STD's within a marriage. Also, who's to say that sex would commence at this time. It would be no different if one spouse was dealing with any other grave disease/illness (i.e. cancer). Sex wouldn't be that couple's top priority I'd hope. If he plans on separating or divorcing her, then he obviously plans on abstaining from sex (since he's suppose to be a Christian). Well, unless he immediately remarries, why wouldn't that time of abstinence away from his wife be any different from the abstinence that could take place staying with his wife? Folks are so quick to move on and supposedly exercise their "rights", they don't demonstrate the ability to long suffer with temperance (gifts of the spirit) that opens the door for God's word to work.

January 7, 2014 | Unregistered Commentermscrusader

I think that he is well within his rights to leave. There is no way he is wrong in this case. I mean I wish them both well but I think she needs to be released to God at this point. The whole situation is just unhealthy.

January 7, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKaren

"Rights" is the problem with this generation of so-call Christians. We do have the right to choose. But we are suppose to use that right to choose righteousness not carnality. Suppose she receives her deliverance next month...should they not reconcile according to the covenant and the word of God? People are so far removed from the bible that what I'm saying is foreign to most so-call Christians. Patience is another fruit of the spirit. Perhaps this PASTOR can walk in it concerning his decisions to exercise his RIGHTS.

January 9, 2014 | Unregistered Commentermscrusader

Adultery is definately grounds for divorce. And shes a repeat offender, pleaseeee.. He can forgive without working it out ...

October 22, 2014 | Unregistered Commentersusan

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June 26, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterHelen Asmund

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