Why Is ESSENCE Encouraging Deviant Sexual Behavior?
Monday, August 22, 2011 at 2:05PM
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Essence.com writer, Charli Penn, encourages women to have random sex with strangers

One of the reasons EEW BUZZ blog editors get upset with ESSENCE is because they have moved from uplifting women of color to encouraging the stupidest, most irresponsible behaviors imaginable. The sex advice featured on their site is bad in general. But if you're a Christian woman, it's downright sinful, illicit, and offensive.

An EEW Magazine reader named Nicole (Thanks for the tip girl!) who also reads ESSENCE got upset and fired off an email to EEW BUZZ editors about a piece running on ESSENCE.com titled "9 Types of Sex Every Woman Should Have at Least Once." One of the types is what they call "Vacation Sex" and the article says this:


It’s not for everyone, but we’re here to tell you, sex in paradise with a gorgeous man you just met can often be the most thrilling kind. (As long as it’s safe sex, of course.) He’s mysterious and gorgeous and he makes you feel sexy – a recipe for vacation bliss.


Have sex with a man you just met? Really?

Now, here's what's REALLY shocking, too. The writer, whose name is Charli Penn, is a relationships editor at ESSENCE. She is also a WIFE. Yes, you read that right. She's married while encouraging women to have random sex with guys.

Real nice.

Even though Charli threw in a caveat and encouraged "safe sex" is this the kind of advice that empowers our black women?


A reader named Alli also was pretty bothered by ESSENCE.com's celebration of the one year anniversary of the lesbian married couple, Aisha and Danielle. Back in September 2010, they caused quite a stir by featuring these black women as the first same-sex couple ever to be spotlighted in the publication. ESSENCE.com later received a GLAAD Media Award for the coverage.

Don't ever doubt or be surprised by the fact that ESSENCE is firmly on board with the gay movement.They also do not respect and uphold Christian values and virtues, so why do we continue to support them?

EEW BUZZ editors have said it before and will continue to say, ESSENCE does not fit the lifestyle nor belief system of the Christian woman. And in recent years, the quality of lots of their content has taken a real nosedive and landed squarely in the base, immoral, and shallow category.

ESSENCE has a strong base of Christian readers who they are isolating and losing one-by-one because of nonsense like this! It's time that they realize some of their readers are not just black. They are black AND Christian and do not endorse this salacious garbage one bit.

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