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Is Zachery Tims' Death a Sign of God's Judgment?

Outspoken editor of Charisma Magazine made some very strong statements about the shocking death of 42-year-old megapastor, Zachery Tims. According to Grady, Tims didn't take enough time off after his year-long affair with a stripper in France and his inner-circle didn't hold him accountable. Read Grady's foreboding words about God's judgement coming to ministries built on "fakery."

In his blog titled "What We Must Learn from the Zachery Tims Tragedy," Lee Grady reminds us that "God will not be mocked."


I won’t win any popularity contests for saying this. But I believe the Lord is speaking a sobering message to us through the death of Zachery Tims. God will not be mocked. As in the days of Isaiah, the Lord is saying to His people: “I’ve had enough!” (Is. 1:11, NASB).

The Lord is weary of our religious games. He’s going to close down the show. Judgment begins in the house of God. The fire of His holiness is going to be unleashed on the American church. Ministries that have been built on personality, pride, hype, charlatanism, fakery and compromise are going to crumble.


Read the full post here.

While none of us knows whether those were indeed drugs found on Zachery Tims' person--at least not yet until toxicology reports come back--it is clear that God requires holiness and accountability from His leaders. And those who are not right need to get right before the covers are pulled, exposing their mess, which is what many believe happened to Tims.




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