Zachery Tims' Members Say "Don't Judge" the Deceased Pastor
Wednesday, August 17, 2011 at 10:58AM
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Speculation fueled by police reports that drugs were found in Zachery Tims' pocket at the time of his death, have garnered mixed reactions. Some have been harsh in their commentary, saying this proves that another hypocritical leader has been outed. But some, namely members of the deceased pastor's New Destiny Christian Center congregation in Florida, say, don't judge their former pastor since the investigation into his shocking death is incomplete.

On the church's Facebook page, his followers often quote Matthew 7:1-2, which reads "Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again."

Still, others are witholding any remarks about Tims out of respect to the grieving family he is leaving behind.

Bishop Darrell Hines tweeted a bit of advice which was re-tweeted by Bishop TD Jakes. He said:


RT : I know every body has heard of Zachary Timms untimely death,let remember his family & children in our remarks,be kind!


Being kind would also be helpful to the thousands of broken-hearted Tims supporters who believed in his ministry are understandably grappling with confused emotions. Once the investigation is complete, however, if Tims indeed had drugs found on his person, quoting Matthew 7:1-2 won't be appropriate. Everyone will be forced to look at the situation for what it is and draw applicable lessons from the unfortunate event.

Our prayers are with the family and grieving congregation.

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