GRADUATION BUZZ: Erica Campbell's Daughter Completes 1st Grad (Pic!)
Thursday, June 16, 2011 at 10:47AM
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My, how time flies! This picture of Erica Campbell, with her lovely daughter Krista at the 2007 Soul Seekers' (Hubby's group) live recording, seems like it was snapped just yesterday. But now, baby girl's growing up. And proud momma Erica of the popular gospel duo, Mary Mary, tweeted a picture of the adorable little first grade graduate.



With balloons in hand and cute little front snags on full display, Krista, a future singer like mommy, proudly poses for pic!

In 2010, Erica told that, with her busy career, being deliberate about making time for her family is a must.

For me, it's about making my family feel important. I can't be so consumed with work that I don't give them my time. I've seen in my husband Warryn's face when I need to put the Blackberry down. I'll be candid--we did go through a period when I thought, "Oh God, I'm going to be the 'divorced Mary.'" I had to say, "Tina, I'm going to take a break so I can get things straight at home," and that's what we did.


Congrats to the proud parents!

And, in case you missed it, check out this great video of Krista wowing the Women of Faith audience with her rendition of God Bless America.


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