VIDEO BUZZ: Outraged Christian Moms Say NO to Beyonce "Let's Move" (VIDEO)
Thursday, April 28, 2011 at 8:52AM
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Christian moms are unhappy about the Michelle Obama-endorsed Let's Move exercise video featuring Pop singer, Beyoncé, sporting hot pants, an off-the-shoulder shirt, a pair of Christian Louboutin Popi Lace-up ankle Boots and green knee-highs. Is the booty-shaking singer doing too much for the kids? And should Christian moms be concerned?

EEW Magazine readers flooded our editors' inboxes with disapproving emails when news first hit that First Lady Michelle Obama teamed up with Pop singer, Beyoncé for the "Let's Move! Flash Workout" campaign. Before the video ever came out, the idea alone sent some moms into hysterics. The Pop/R&B singer has re-worked her "Get Me Bodied" track which was featured on her 2006 sophomore album B-Day. The track is now called "Move Your Body" and is the soundtrack for the campaign and video.


The music vid has finally arrived on the scene, featuring Beyonce' with a toned down, yet sexy, look.  Want to hear two words to describe how EEW moms are feeling? NOT HAPPY.

Many Christian moms condemned the decision, before ever watching the video, calling it irresponsible and inappropriate. Not all moms were going nuts initially, however.


Mia Richardson wrote:

I tried to keep my opinion to myself but I was reminded of something my Bishop stated in Church one Sunday.  We as believers need to remember that our President did not run for Savior of the world.  On that note I must say that we need to keep in mind that Our First Lady represents the United States as a whole  not just Christians.  Her position is to support all Americans and despite our beliefs the world loves Beyonce'!  If this collaboration will assist in decreasing childhood obesity I say go for it!  We don't have to expose our children to the promotion but somebody else's child might be motivated by the movement. When I think back BC (Before Christ) I was often motivated by 'so called' secular songs and artists!  Let's give First Lady a break she's just doing her job.  Not as First Lady of the Church but of all Americans.

Despite the open-mindedness of some, once the official video was released to the public, the "outraged" moms sounded off again (We're still opening up emails!).


Angel Harris from Minnesota said:


"I tried to give this the benefit of the doubt, but when I saw Beyoncé in hot pants, an off-the-shoulder shirt, and some of those hip-thrusting movements, I was NOT HAPPY! And I am not ashamed to say that I think this is irresponsible and I'm outraged. You better believe my kids will NOT be turned into a Beyoncé disciple. Her moral standards aren't high enough for me. And do you ever pay any attention to the language that girl uses in some of her songs? She AND her husband need JESUS! And since I have him in my heart, I feel him telling me not to get caught up and don't get my kids caught up either! Call me a prude and holier than thou, but as for me and MY HOUSE we will serve the Lord!"


Watch the hip-shaking video below and tell EEW BUZZ editors what you think? Do you agree with Mama Angel? Sound off in the comments section!


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