TV BUZZ: GLEE Takes Heat for Openly GayThemes
Thursday, April 28, 2011 at 10:19AM

Some conservative Christians are taking a stand against the wildly popular teen dramedy, GLEE, for its openly gay themes and glorification of sexual immorality. This, according to the Huffington Post. Ryan Murphy, the openly gay creator of the show, clearly has a vested interest in seeing the gay lifestyle become accepted in mainstream America. Having a hit television show makes this much easier to accomplish.

Increasingly, the show has been going deeper into the homosexual lifestyle and trying hard to cast it as normal.

But people of faith, who believe in the Bible's clear stance against the homosexual lifestyle, are unwilling to remain silent while inappropriate content is marketed to our kids. Not surprisingly, the performance of Lady Gaga's gay anthem, Born this Way, struck a few bad chords with parents in this Tuesday's episode.

But, things have been escalating for some time now. Remember back in March, after months of hints, the Fox musical aired the characters of Kirt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss), kissing for the first time? It was an extended, sensual kiss, between two young men in the middle of what is marketed as a "family" show.

EEW BUZZ editors think that, more than just speaking out against things like this, parents have to take personal responsibility. It makes no sense to watch these programs and blame those in the entertainment business for the diminishing standards of righteousness in our households. It's time to turn unhealthy TV shows off and stop helping to drive up ratings.



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