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Cora Jakes Coleman’s birthday tribute to 4-year-old adopted son Jason will melt your heart

Cora Jakes and her son Jason (Credit: Instagram)Article By Bethany Hamilton // EEW Magazine // Family

 In 2014, an innocent child was born and Cora Jakes Coleman, daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes, was in love.

Recently, the Potter’s House Associate Pastor wrapped up a weeklong celebration of her adopted son Jason’s fourth birthday, which was on May 21st.

He received gifts, lots of loves and a heart-melting online tribute that is re-publishing in its entirety. Through the emotional Instagram post, Jakes Coleman reveals that adopting the cutie pie was not easy. She described the journey to full adoption as “amazingly bumpy,” but also, “breathtakingly beautiful.”

Read the touching mother-son birthday tribute below.

“Do you want to cut the umbilical cord?” the doctor said.

Suddenly God placed me in the room on one of the best days ever. Watching you come into the world was amazing. Everything happens for a reason and May 21, 2014 you happened to me, and later, little did I know, after over a year of fighting for you, finally, you would become mine.

The day you were born was the start of the most amazingly bumpy and yet breathtakingly beautiful journey for our family.

Jason, my “Tuga,” this day 4 years ago, I looked at you and instantly felt something even 4 years later I have no words to describe.

You are imprinted in my heart and soul and thankfully, you have me in yours. Your father, family, friends, and all of us fought for you, and stand with you forever because of it. Being chosen by God—and now, finally, a judge— to be your mommy is the best gift I have ever received from God for your birthday. You have been a gift to us every day of your life. I could not imagine not hearing your voice and laughter every day. You have such a personality of everything good. You are stubborn and independent. You are loving and strong. You are an amazingly smart big boy.

 The happy family! Cora Jakes Coleman, Jason Coleman, Richard Brandon Colelman, Amauri Coleman (Photo Credit: Instagram

The happy family! Cora Jakes Coleman, Jason Coleman, Richard Brandon Colelman, Amauri Coleman (Photo Credit: Instagram

I pray God continues to watch and protect you from all unnecessary struggles, harms, hurts and dangers. I pray you never have to wonder who loves you and never have to wonder who doesn’t. I have loved watching God build you up and write your story, and let me tell you, boy is your story something else and you’re not even 10.

You probably won’t remember this birthday or this party, but I will remember, as I have always remembered all things you. I remember every doctor’s appointment; every fever (boy your six month shots were a nightmare!); every cold—thank God very few; and every first step.

 What a handsome little guy! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

What a handsome little guy! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Your first full steps were to me; first crawl to me; first scoot to me; first bath [from] me; first shot in a basketball hoop with daddy; also first word “ball,” then “dada”.

I love being your mommy and I thank God every day for giving you to me.

Here's to you. Happy 4th birthday baby boy Tuga. I love you so much!!

Your Best Friend,


Jakes Coleman, who has been very open about her battle with infertility also has an adopted daughter Amauri. Both children are adored by her and her husband Richard Brandon Coleman.

The children simply refer to them as mommy and daddy.


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