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A message from Bishop T.D. Jakes: Your life is His platform

Cooper Neill/Getty Article By Regina Harvey // EEW Magazine Spiritual

Share When Jesus was preaching on the shores of Galilee, He noticed two empty boats in Luke 5. That’s when the Savior stepped into one of them owned by Simon, a fisherman, and used it to teach the gospel.

Mega pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes is using this scripture to encourage you to view something ordinary in your life in an extraordinary way: as a platform to be used to glorify God.

In an empowering Instagram post based on Luke 5:1-11 the Potter’s House of Dallas leader wrote, “God wants to give you a platform, but you must see your boat as a platform.  The boat comes into the text as a boat, but it passes through as a platform.”

Bishop Jakes, 60, has a unique way of pulling powerful truths out of seemingly mundane, unremarkable, everyday occurrences. He is hoping to help you do the same thing. “Most people see a boat as a carrier through waters or a protector from waters, but there is more to the boat,” he explained, then asked, “Do you see your boat as a platform?”

According to the leader, who does great humanitarian work through his missions organization, MegaCare, “Your next few decisions will determine how things will come to pass in your life.”

He went on to say, “Peter did not know that his yes (meaning allowing Jesus, whom he did not know, to use his boat) would be the catalyst to open the door and change his life.  The boat created the platform that enabled things to come to pass.”

The popular preacher stresses that the life-shifting encounter with Jesus happened because Peter gave his possessions to the Lord to be used for Kingdom purposes. It is revelatory and life-altering for the believer when they realize what they have is not for them, but for Him.

“God will let you win the fight if you understand that your winning is His platform. Your marriage, your children, your suffering, winning, influence, struggles…your life is His platform,” Jakes continued. “God gave you the job, not for the money, but for the platform.”

Before ending his post, the best-selling author posed a question: “How are you nurturing the platform?”

Need help seeing your boat as a platform? Watch Bishop Jakes’ sermon from Sunday, September 24, which fully illuminates this teaching.


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