Need a laugh today? Watch the latest Hobbs family vlog [VIDEO]
Monday, September 25, 2017 at 4:50PM
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Dianna Hobbs and her husband may be well-respected pastors and faith leaders in their community, and around the world—but that doesn’t stop the two from sharing their silly side.

In a new vlog posted on her YouTube channel, the EEW Magazine President takes her viewers, affectionately called “Team Hobbs,” on a road trip and a hilarious grocery store run.

The newest vlog titled, “Get out of my tongue devil!”--one of the media maven's signature phrases after getting tongue-tied-- plays like a real-time blooper reel full of whimsy and shenanigans.

At one point, while shopping for breakfast food, the leaders of Evangelistic Church of God In Christ in Buffalo, who will celebrate 20 years of marital bliss in January, break out into an impromptu performance of Hezekiah Walker’s “Clean Inside” from his 1993 Live In Toronto album.

It will tickle your funny bone.

Hobbs’ videos, which her team began uploading last year, have collectively racked up nearly 40,000 views.

“Dianna would have totally declined recording and uploading a personal vlog, but she felt God leading her to give Team Hobbs a glimpse inside her everyday life,” said Hobbs’ publicist, Amy Bertinelli. “Dianna is very shy by nature, but her love of people and desire to connect with them overrides that shyness. The camera loves her and so do her viewers.”

"Y'all are so hilarious and I enjoyed every minute of you sharing your journey with us," wrote a woman named Latosha in the comments section of the latest vlog entry.

See it for yourself. Press play below. Click here to subscribe to Hobbs' YouTube channel.

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