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Neverary 32nd: Tina Campbell explains why you shouldn’t expect a ‘Mary Mary’ album any time soon

Tina Campbell sings her new single “Too Hard Not To” (Photo Credit: Pix11)Article By Rebecca Johnson // EEW Gospel News

Share If you were getting stoked thinking Grammy® Award-winning sister duo Mary Mary would be releasing a new album any time soon, get ready to get your joy balloon deflated.

Tina Campbell, whose sophomore project, It’s Still Personal, is releasing this fall, suggests that, at this point, trying to record and drop another full-length musical gem with her sister, Erica Campbell, would be way too “demanding.”

Sorry Mary Mary fans. It's looking like a "Neverary 32nd" release date for the siblings.

In a sit-down interview with New York’s PIX11 Morning News anchors Betty Nguyen and Dan Mannarino on Monday, August 7, when asked about the duo’s plans for getting back together, the 43-year-old initially replied coyly.

“About that…” laughed the red-haired singer who was in Brooklyn to perform with her sister in celebration of the one-year anniversary of Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell radio show during the Wingate Park Concert Series. It seems that, while they both support each other’s solo aspirations and enjoy performing together from time-to-time, that’s about it—at least for now.

Tina Campbell poses for a snap with Pix11 news anchors Betty Nguyen and Dan Mannarino Monday, August 7, 2017 (Photo Credit: PIX11)“You know what? Erica and I are always singing together and we are going to make music in this new season [of WE tv’s “Mary Mary”], but a new album and a new song is different things,” explained Tina.

Right now, both artists have dropped brand new singles. Tina’s, “Too Hard Not To,” is about forgiveness, while Erica’s, “Well Done,” is about her desire to go to heaven someday.

“We’ve got our own music happening now and so we’re trying to figure out how do we make our own music happen individually and Mary Mary happen collectively,” continued Tina, who has also been focusing on her blossoming YouTube series she hosts with husband Teddy Campbell called, “10 Minutes with Teddy and Tina.”

In a nutshell, the reality star, who will be helping couples get past infidelity and rebuild their marriages during Season 6 of “Mary Mary,” said recording for the duo is “extremely demanding” and unrealistic because, “we have a lot of kids now.”

Well, it looks like somebody has their priorities in order: God first, family second, music third.

If you want to keep up with Tina’s career, follow her new Instagram page and be on the look-out for more new music.

Feel free to check out the entire PIX11 interview, where she discusses forgiving Teddy for cheating and why others need to let go of bitterness, hurt and shame.

 Listen to a portion of her live performance of "Too Hard Not To" below.

RELATED: Tina and Teddy to mentor couples on Season 6 of 'Mary Mary'

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