Body-shamers, Gospel singer Tasha Cobbs has a message for you: ‘It’s not funny!’
Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 2:45PM
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Share The proliferation of social media has, unfortunately, amplified the voices of those who like to tear down and bully others. But body-shamers are being put on notice.

 “Break Every Chain” singer Tasha Cobbs Leonard is having none of it. She is speaking up and aiming to break the cycle of online bullying where users put up “degrading and heartless posts,” particularly aimed at “curvy” women.

In a passionate Instagram message, the GRAMMY®, Dove and Stellar Award-winner writes, “Social media exposes the heart of people. ‘Sometimes’ you ARE what you ‘post’ to be!”

She continues, “As a woman who has struggled with weight ALL of my life I believe it is a part of my responsibility to use my platform to speak up for those curvy or fluffy girls who may not have the courage, self-esteem, or platform to speak up for themselves!”

Photo Credit: Tasha Cobbs InstagramBefore rushing to put up any old thing online, the 36-year-old Founder of iLead Escape Worship Conference is challenging social media users not to ridicule others.

“Body shaming is an absolute SHAME and a true indication of immaturity. We live in a society of people who post, joke, and belittle others in order to make themselves feel better about themselves or to cover THEIR insecurities,” she says, adding, “Be bigger than that!”

Cobbs Leonard, who is gearing up to release her new album, Heart. Passion. Pursuit. on August 25, tells online trolls, “Of course your negative, degrading, and heartless posts will tickle the fancy of those who are attracted to things of that nature... but isn't there more to live for?! We've got to do better guys! It's not funny! It's not cute! It doesn't make you any less LAME. PERIOD.”

The newly married Atlanta dReam Center worship leader concludes the post by building up those who might feel marginalized, singled out and mistreated for not being "thin enough" according to society’s standards.

“Shout out to all my plus sized guys and girls out there doing their thing,” she said. “You absolutely ROCK!!!”

Tasha Cobbs and Kenneth Leonard attend Black Girls Rock! 2017 backstage at NJPAC on August 5, 2017 in Newark, New Jersey.(Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty)Cobbs Leonard intimately understands the weight struggle. In a CBN 700 Club interview, she admitted that, in 2010, after a talk with the Lord she chose to do something about the excess weight she was carrying, which had been making it way too hard to perform her duties as a worship leader.

“I had some time in prayer with God and I said, I have to get rid of this weight in order to do what it is you’ve called me to do. And at that time He gave me instructions and from that time on I’ve lost over 100 pounds,” she said.

Cobbs Leonard dropped the pounds with the help of a weight loss procedure. Even still, she is regarded plus-size. Yet, she embraces her curvaceous frame, unlike some who are unhappy in their skin.

Tasha Cobbs performs "Break Every Chain" at the 44th Annual GMA Dove Awards on October 15, 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty)

For those who feel they need help getting their weight under control, the Jesup, Georgia native, who has, in the past, opened up about her struggle with depression, says, get help.

 "I know this subject is taboo in the church community because we don't want to talk about it and everybody looks down on it," she told CBN, "but I have suffered with weight all my life. If you need an aid to help you do this, then get an aid!"

Whatever your size, love yourself, embrace who you are, and know that you are "fearfully and wonderfully" made according to Psalm 139:14.

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