A Million Strong: EEW President Dianna Hobbs shares keys to building faith-focused media empire
Monday, August 7, 2017 at 11:50AM
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EEW Magazine President Dianna Hobbs covers August 2017 10-Year Anniversary Issue (Photo Credit: EEW Magazine)

EEW's Founder and Editor In Chief, Dianna Hobbs, Shares Trials and Triumphs she’s experienced while building the the #1 online magazine brand for Christian women of faith and color.

(EEW) As EEW Magazine celebrates its 10-year anniversary, Founder and President, Dianna Hobbs, takes time to share pivotal experiences along the journey. The full cover story is now available for reading on EEW’s main website here.

In the revealing feature, she says, over the last decade, what has kept over a million readers coming back to the magazine and her blog is two simple things: God’s grace and favor.

Though Hobbs acknowledges and is grateful for a committed core team of smart, loyal and gifted professionals, she says, “It’s all God. I didn’t enter this field with any intentions, except to obey Him. That’s it. To be frank, I wasn’t lobbying or campaigning for this."

On how she became the award-winning Christian media maven whose company has global brands like CNN, BET, McDonalds, Lionsgate, Verizon and many more, beating a path to her door for partnerships, Hobbs offers advice to other visionaries.

“Don’t chase influence with man, but rather, pursue God. Seek only to obey and glorify Him. Everything else will follow,” she says.

In the celebratory milestone issue, Hobbs, 40, recognized as one of America's Top 100 Christian bloggers for women of faith, also reveals how she was miraculously healed of two debilitating autoimmune diseases at a prayer service

“It is a night I will never forget. 50 women intercessors, all wearing white, banded together, touched and agreed for my healing. I was carried into the sanctuary by my husband Kenya, crying. By the time the service was over, I ran out, rejoicing. God healed me. God did it!” shares Hobbs.

To read more about the awesome journey, check out the full feature.

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