EEW President Dianna Hobbs gets a big surprise in her latest vlog: 'I was a ball of tears’ [SEE VIDEO]
Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 10:46AM
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Photo Credit: YouTube/EEW Magazine/Dianna Hobbs official channelArticle By Carla Harris // EEW Magazine Featured Videos

Share The personal family vlog of the Award-winning President of EEW Magazine on YouTube plays like a docu-series, capturing pivotal (and hilarious!) moments in the media maven’s life.

In the latest episode of Dianna Hobbs’ vlog called, “He Surprised Me,” the First Lady of Evangelistic Temple COGIC heads to church, where she receives a surprise that made her emotional.

Hobbs’ parents, Senior Pastor, Bishop Joseph Brinson, Sr. and Mother Annie Brinson, secretly orchestrated a visit from her brother, Elder Dion Brinson, who has not seen the ministry leader since she was miraculously healed from two incurable autoimmune diseases back in March of this year at a “50 Women Praying” service.

Everyone kept a tight lid on the plan so Hobbs, who is now free of all symptoms from her previously diagnosed illnesses -- Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia -- would be completely in the dark about what was getting ready to take place.

“He surprised me at the church, so I was a ball of tears,” Hobbs, 40, told viewers while heading home after worship service. “And then he ministered [and] prophesied. He just blessed the house.”

Hobbs’ sibling, who relocated from Buffalo, NY to Alabama several years ago, embraced and shared his excitement to see his sister.

Elder Dion Brinson, in from Alabama, ministers to Kyla Hobbs, Dianna’s daughter, as Executive Pastor Kenya Hobbs smiles during a light-hearted moment (Photo Credit: EEW/YouTube/Dianna Hobbs official channel)

“The tears were flowing and it was the sweetest thing,” said an Evangelistic Temple member, who witnessed the touching reunion.

"It’s hard to believe that four months ago, I could hardly walk, talk, eat, or function. Doctors had given up on me and told me I would just be in pain forever," said Hobbs. "Even the specialists who work in the field researching the latest on Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, the conditions I was diagnosed with, had no idea what to do for me."

But now, she's running, jumping, laughing, praising God and eating to her heart's content, and showcasing these exciting, happy, important milestones and breakthroughs on her vlog.

Hobbs, a wife and home-schooling mother of four, who became First Lady of the small urban startup ministry in April, also uses her videos to feature her gifted children as well. The latest shows daughters, Kyla, 18, and Kaiah, 16 drawing intricate illustrations in chalk, while the youngest of the teenagers—also an aspiring baker—makes scrumptious homemade biscuits.

The Empowering Everyday Women Ministries, Inc. Founder’s husband, Executive Pastor Kenya Hobbs, is very involved and active in each video, too. He often adds comedic elements to the uploads, resulting in plenty laugh-out-loud-funny moments.  

Hobbs’ videos, which her team began uploading last year, have collectively racked up nearly 40,000 views. She affectionately refers to her small group of subscribers as #TeamHobbs and from the comments, they love the content she shares.

“Dianna would have totally declined recording and uploading a personal vlog, but she felt God leading her to give #TeamHobbs a glimpse inside her everyday life,” said Hobbs’ publicist, Amy Bertinelli. “Dianna is very shy by nature, but her love of people and desire to connect with them overrides that shyness. The camera loves her and so does #TeamHobbs.”

“You guys need to pitch your vlogs to different networks,” said Marah Sepia beneath the vlog posted on Wednesday, August 9. “I want to see your family on the big screen. We need more positive African American families on TV. I love watching you guys.”

Watch Hobbs’ newest video below. And to see more and become a part of #TeamHobbs, subscribe to the channel here.

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