Chucking the Deuces: Fred Hammond says there are some people ‘I have to say goodbye to’
Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 4:44PM
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Share Grammy-winning gospel singer Fred Hammond is making some changes in his life, particularly among those in his circle.

The “I Wil Trust” songwriter took to Twitter Thursday, May 4, to announce he’s evolving, and, in the process, leaving some people behind by officially “chucking those deuces”—an urban saying, meaning goodbye.

“A lot of times people like to keep you where they met you. If you allow people to keep you where they met you because it's comfortable for them, you may miss out on what God has for you,” wrote the CEO of Face to Face Productions and the FHammond Music label.

“The people in your life who can't roll with you and see you through, and help push you forward in your purpose, well I'll say it like this, I have to say goodbye to,” he stated matter-of-factly.

Who's he talking about in particular? Well, he didn't say. But those who were left coughing from the dust his heels kicked up as he turned and walked away, know exactly who they are.

Speaking of changing, there’s been a lot of that in the life of the well-known singer and producer who has lent his musical creativity and expertise to more than 100 album projects over the span of his illustrious career. Hammond, who no longer wants to be confined to music, has made a sharp career pivot, jumping headlong into the indie filmmaking industry with his own movie, The Choir.

In March, EEW Magazine Buzz editors debuted Hammond’s dark and racy trailer clip featuring exotic dancers, blood, violence, and emotional upheaval—a big shift for the new movie director who has spent almost four decades writing encouraging faith-based songs.

Perhaps everyone isn’t appreciating his evolution, that is, if his introspective tweet-spree is anything to go by.

Hammond, who was recently inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, said whether others approve or not, he’s about to “move on in wisdom and the spirit of faith."

And for every skeptic in his life, he had this to offer: “Watch me, I'll show you.”

Perhaps, while reading this, you’re thinking about making some moves in your own life. If so, the 56-year-old Billboard chart-topper said, “Change… sometimes you do it because you need it; sometimes you do it because you have to. Then sometimes you do it for both reasons.”

He added, “As we grow older the demands in our life change drastically; life places a demand on us that doesn't ask if we're okay with it. Family issues, job and more, asks you to move from your current position. Basically, it's letting you know you must change to survive.”

Check out his trailer for The Choir below.


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— Fred Hammond (@RealFredHammond) March 24, 2017


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