The reality behind the reality show: Tamera Mowry Housley reveals the real reason ‘Tia & Tamera’ ended
Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at 9:13AM
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Share Fans were shocked and disappointed after 90s sitcom stars Tia and Tamera Mowry backed away from their reality show “Tia & Tamera” in 2014 after three successful seasons.

Ever wondered over the years why Season 4 of the good-natured, fun-loving show that followed the loveable twins through married life and motherhood never made it to TV?

Tamera is finally revealing the reality behind the reality show.

On her talk show “The Real,” as the Christian entertainer and her co-hosts cried out against the negative portrayals of African-American women perpetuated through reality TV, the 38-year-old got transparent.

“Honestly, the reason why my sister and I stopped doing our reality show—one of the main reasons—is because they wanted to turn us into that,” she explained.

In her statement, “that” was a reference to some of the most popular franchises that feature cat fights, name-calling, vulgarity and no shortage of scheming, and back-stabbing among minority subjects.

“We were not gonna have any part of that drama,” Tamera continued, drawing rousing audience applause. “My sister and I are all about positivity and love, and especially for the African-American community,” she added.

Tia & Tamera Mowry and their children filmed scenes for their reality show at Menchies in Studio City, California on March 14, 2013 (Photo Credit: GETTY)When news first broke of the discontinuation of “Tia and Tamera,” she initially gave the following explanation in a tweet: “Tia and I decided it was time to live our family lives behind the cameras.” At the time, the actress also acknowledged the twins' individual desires to work on separate projects. In fact, Tamera identified the now Emmy Award-nominated panel-style talker “The Real” as one of those special projects.

But clearly, there was more to the story than that.

Now that the co-author of the Twintuition: Double Vision book series, written with her sister Tia, is no longer shackled to that form of entertainment, she feels free to open up about her disapproval of it.

According to her, “This is the issue you guys: black people fighting like that actually rate [high among viewers]. People actually watch that kind of stuff."

So then, what's Tamera's advice for getting unhealthy portrayals of people of color scrubbed from our screens?

She said, "If you don’t want to see African-Americans, or women, or anybody fighting like that all the time, stop watching!”

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