'Mary Mary' Season 6: Tina and Teddy Campbell set to mentor couples struggling with infidelity 
Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at 7:32AM
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Share There is life after infidelity. This is what reality TV stars Tina and Teddy Campbell, who survived one of the biggest cheating scandals in the faith community, want other couples to know.

Instead of promoting the drama that is characteristic of their hit WE tv show, “Mary Mary”, for the upcoming sixth season, the now strong and happy pair is offering to save marriages rocked by adultery.

“If you are out there and you guys are struggling with infidelity, trying to overcome it, and you just need a little help, we want to offer you the tools that we used to save our marriage,” said Teddy in a video uploaded on Instagram. In it, both he and his Grammy-winning wife made an appeal exclusively to couples in the Los Angeles area that are “willing to get personal” on a public platform.

“Sometimes you’ve just got to lay it all out,” Tina chimed in, adding, “We want to help you.”

Well, for those who want experienced counselors that have been tested and tried in the fire, and came out on the other side alright, the “Speak the Word” singers have the credentials and resume to back them up.

After their shocking story was published in the June 2013 issue of EBONY magazine, the creators of the YouTube series, “10 Minutes with Teddy and Tina,” saw the façade of their supposedly strong, happy, God-honoring union, shattered.

Tina was crushed.

Millions tuned in and cringed as the Christian NAACP Image Award-winner responded to her husband’s betrayal with violence, rage and bitterness—even at one point shattering the windows of one of Teddy’s cars.

The couple separated, but ultimately came back together, received counseling, worked through their issues and traveled the painful road to the happy, and content place where they now reside.

Now the in-love-as-ever duo says they are returning to “the same platform that God allowed His glory to be seen in this victorious marriage” to assist someone else in securing the same victory in their marriage.

"We've learned a lot on our journey, and now it's time to 'Pay It Forward.' We've seen the worst but now we're experiencing the best of times and we believe we can help you get there, too," said the couple in a written message captioining the online video. "If your marriage is in great need of life support, this opportunity is for you."

Interested couples are aske to submit the following:

Full Names
Marriage anniversary
Years together before marriage
Children names ages and gender
Recent Photo

Please tell us a little about yourself and your story and email all the above to:

Below is the full video from Teddy and Tina:


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