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Kirk Franklin’s daughter Kennedy breaks down after being cyberbullied & dad claps back

Kennedy and Kirk Franklin (Instagram)Article By Jenifer Williams // EEW Magazine News

Share Two professing Christians thought it was a good idea to cyberbully Kennedy Franklin, the daughter of GRAMMY® Award-winning gospel musician Kirk Franklin.

Once word God back to Dad that his baby girl was in emotional distress over the aggressive Internet trolls’ social media attacks, the “Stomp” songwriter clapped back.  

“It's 10 am here in Tokyo and my wife just called me to let me know my daughter is in tears because 2 so-called Christian people online have bullied her, and called her everything but a child of God,” tweeted Franklin, 47, who is gigging at Billboard Live Tokyo Jan 31 through Feb 1.

Even though the Fo Yo Soul Recordings CEO is thousands of miles away from home, that didn’t stop him from setting the folks responsible straight.

He gave a woman named Cynthia D. Sherstad (@CSWrite2Inspire) and Saiko Woods (@SaikoWoods)—both identifying as believers— a piece of his mind.

“You've proven so many people right in why they no longer go to church and believe all Christians are a joke,” said Franklin as he stood up for Kennedy. The protective father describe the Baylor University student and cheerleader as “a sophomore in college, a smart young woman, the apple of my eye, and a girl I would DIE for.”

Franklin admitted that though “my heart is broken,” he believes his resilient daughter will be alright.

Turning the very ugly moment into a teachable moment, the platinum-selling industry veteran told followers that lashing out at others is “not a reflection of Jesus. He would NEVER hurt you to save you.”

And in case anyone was wondering, though Franklin teaches a doctrine of love, compassion and understanding, he let it be known, “I'm a proud, crazy, non-weak no-punk Christian,” unafraid to set it off if necessary.

Both offending parties have since gone into hiding, making their Twitter accounts private.

Franklin (and now his family) just can’t seem to catch a break since a social media post condemning President Donald Trump’s immigration ban went viral.

The original tweet the musical trendsetter sent from his account that initially got folks all wound up was this: “I am a Christian who would rather sit at the table with a Muslim brother than ban him from a home that wasn't originally mine.”

When an antagonizing respondent using the Twitter handle “The History Carper” took issue with Franklin’s use of the word “brother” to describe someone of a different religion, he said, “I trust you’ll be leaving your doors unlocked tonight. Oh & your brothers want to know if you have a daughter.”

Franklin replied, “Yes I have a daughter and the ability to protect her. Please come so I can have a reason to introduce you to it in Jesus name.”

The moral of the story is, don't mess with daddy's baby.

He's not having it.

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