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VIDEO: Man relinquishes his power to pursue God’s


Juan Cubero lived in constant fear.  His stepfather was an alcoholic prone to violence.  His mother was the target.

Juan says, “My whole nervous system was shot.  I had nervous breakdowns to the point that I started throwing up.”

Juan remembers, “I was right there.  I saw everything.  Most of the time he would come drunk and try to beat on my mother.  I was always in the defense.”

The youngest of four children, the only place Juan found peace was by his mother’s side.

“My mother loved her kids.  She would take us all to church. We’d listen to the Word…sing…sometimes I would go to the pulpit and pray, and I'll fall asleep in the pulpit.”
He was nine when his mother and stepfather divorced.  By then, they had moved to Puerto Rico, where Juan came face to face with another side of violence – the projects of San Juan.

Juan says, “It was just nobody's land…just shootouts, murder.  The kids were violent.  I was constantly fighting.  I didn't have no other choice but to protect myself.”

Juan decided the only way to get over his fears and anxieties was to become someone whom others feared.  

“My role model was Pablo Escobar…one of the biggest drug dealers in the world back in the '80s from Colombia.  One day I'll be like him.  Power.  Money.  Respect.”

Over the next six years, Juan went from being a small-time weed dealer to a cocaine trafficker.  Finally, he had the power, money, and respect he wanted.  But his anxiety only intensified.

Juan recalls, “It was a mental battle.  I had a temper…I would get depressed, I would have anxiety attacks.  I will wake up happy and then…my head is flipping around and it's like I want to beat people up.”  

One night, Juan was on the streets meeting with dealers, when he heard something familiar – a church service.

“They were singing, ‘There is power, power, power in the blood.’  I started singing that song…And I realized, ‘What – I'm singing Christian – a Christian song, you know?  And-and I'm high.’  And as I’m singing this song, I started having a conversation…I’m thinking it's just me, but at the same time it's like I knew it was God.  And God started talking to me, ‘Juan, you know, you know, look – you know, what are you doing?  You know, look at your lifestyle.  Why – why are you doing this, you know?  What would happen if you – if-if you get shot?  You know how much I love you, right?’  And I told Him – ‘I know I'm wrong and I don't want to die that way.  I don't want to go out like that.  But I like what I'm doing.’  Two months later…I'm in a federal prison.”

But even after five years behind bars, Juan still refused to change.  It wasn’t until he was locked up on a DUI charge that he realized his decisions were leading him nowhere.

Juan says, “I started getting frustrated.  I'm like, ‘Where am I going, you know?  I don't know where I’m going.’”

But his parole officer, a Christian, told Juan she knew exactly where he was headed.

“And she says, ‘Off the record, you're going to be an international evangelist.’  And I looked at her and I said, ‘What?  You don't got my federal record. You don't know nothing about me.’  She said, ‘You're right. I don't know nothing about you, but the Lord does.  He knows you!’”
Juan accepted the officer’s invitation to go with her to church and started going regularly.  Then one night at a party, he suddenly felt out of place.

Juan says, “They gave me a beer…some weed.  I held it in my hand and I looked at it and…I felt awkward.  I was like, ‘This is not me.’  And I went outside to the porch, and I heard God's voice, ‘You gotta make a decision.’  And I said to the Lord, ‘How do I do this?’  He said, ‘You just do it now, throw that away.’  And I threw the bottle away, I threw the blunt away.  And I said, ‘What do I do next?’  And he said…‘Come to me…Come to me.’  And I went on my knees and I said, ‘I want to see the God of miracles.  Please, do what you gotta do.’  Peace came over me. Peace came over me automatically. And from there on my life changed.

He walked away from the drug world, and got a job as he finished up his parole.  Today, he is happily married and travels as an international evangelist, sharing his story of redemption.

“When I see myself in the mirror, I testify to myself – of the power of God, of how He changed me, how He healed me.  It's not mystical…It's-it's the substance of God in you, you know?  And that changes everything.”


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