Book Buzz: King James Bible Turns 400!
Monday, May 2, 2011 at 12:13PM
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Happy Birthday King James! And no, EEW BUZZ editors are not talking about NBA Miami Heat basketball star, LeBron James. We're talking about the King James translation of the Holy Bible, which turns 400 today. Even after all these years with its well-known level of difficulty due to the ancient language, King James ranks number two on the Christian Booksellers Association’s list of best-selling Bible translations.

The Christian Post says:

The King James Bible not only changed Bible reading but influenced society for the next four hundred years. It stands as a translation of unparalleled influence; it is the crown Jewel of English literature and as such, it is worthy of the value it holds in English history.

EEW BUZZ editors think the translation isn't the most important thing... as long as you read the word of God daily.

So, which Bible translation do you prefer and why?

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