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"There are some mountains you've been circling long enough. In this season, God's causing them to move. He’s clearing a path to destiny!" 

~Dianna Hobbs ( February 12, 2016



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Your Daily Cup of Inspiration: You’re coming out of this dry place

If you're trusting God for better, while things around you seem to be getting worse, don't give into discouragement. 

In today's devotional, Dianna Hobbs reminds you to walk through this trial, knowing that, on the other side of this dry place, a new thing is waiting.

Click to read the full devotional.


4 habits of strong Christians you should adopt today

Tired of being defeated, discouraged and falling into the same sinful traps over and over again? Take your walk of faith to a higher level.

Get out of the spiritual rut by practicing the 4 things strong Christians do.

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First Look: The Tankards are back for Season 3

Season 3 of "Thicker Than Water: The Tankards" isn't going to be all twerking for Jesus — but for better or worse, there will be some of that.

The Tankard family is back, and while they remain as tight-knit as ever, there is also plenty of family drama to go around.

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WATCH: Dwight Howards gets real about being a Christian in the NBA 

Over the past 12 NBA seasons, few players have been more dominant inside the paint than the Houston Rockets' Dwight Howard.

The eight-time All-Star entered the league as the first overall pick in the 2004 NBA Draft fresh out of high school.

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Don’t understand what Lent is? We’ve got you covered

I grew up Pentecostal and the pastor at our small church never mentioned Lenten Season.

I felt like a complete outcast and uninformed Christian when I relocated to another state and my new faith-filled community talked so freely about it. I was confused!

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#TheRealMe campaign empowers you to embrace self-love this Valentine's Day

You’re beautiful, created in God’s image and amazing. So why not celebrate you this Valentine’s Day?

This is exactly what the lovely ladies of Fox-TV’s “The Real” are doing with their new #TheRealMe digital campaign—and you’re invited to get in on the fun!

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Your Daily Cup of Inspiration: God will restore & give you more!

The enemy wants you to be afraid to trust God and stand on His word. But take heart. Be courageous. Your season of restoration is here.

In today's devotional, Dianna Hobbs reveals how past disappointments can cause us to waver in faith. But through the word of God, she assures us that God not only restores, but increases those who place all their hope in Him.

Click to read the full devotional.