"The enemy cannot overthrow the plan of God, so if the Lord allows a setback, He’s just setting you up for greater. Wait & see." 

~Dianna Hobbs (Facebook.com/Dianna.Hobbs) June 29, 2016




Called To Missions?

If you feel God's leading, don't be afraid. MORE

Police Driver Acquitted

Another officer acquitted of Freddie Gray charges MORE

Obama's Plan Defeated

SCOTUS split 4-4 to block his immigration law MORE

Does spanking = Love?

5 rules of biblical discipline MORE

Mom Jailed For Spanking

Read this story & see if you think this is fair MORE

Relief for Haiti

Organization launches fresh water initiative MORE

Trying To Block Progress

 GOP congressman fights against Harriet Tubman on $20 bill MORE

Sit-In For Gun Control

Democrats shut down the House and demand action MORE

God Has Already Made The Way!

Podcast: Don't worry or fret. God has done it. MORE


You're Coming Out of This

Podcast: Your present trial will become your future testimony MORE 


Blessings Will Overtake You

When you seek God first, everything else will be added MORE

Vlog: Why Am I Going Through?

Dianna shares words of encouragement for your trying seasons MORE

You Won't Be Here Always

Podcast: A shift is coming in your circumstances. Get ready! MORE

God's Blocking It

Podcast: The Lord is blocking the attack on your life MORE

Expect A Breakthrough

Your struggle is temporary! Anticipate a move of God!  MORE

Recent Event

Dianna Hobbs hosts Kirk Franklin's tour MORE

Odds Stacked Against You?

Even if things aren't in your favor, God will cause it all to work for your good! MORE

God Will Keep His Promise

The Lord will not fail you. He will fulfill His word. MORE

Devotional: Give Thanks

You may have every reason to complain. But be grateful instead! MORE


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Generation Z shows promising signs MORE

The enemy will not win. MORE

God will supply your nees MORE

Podcast: Change Is Coming  MORE

Let It Go  MORE

Vlog: It Was A Good Night  MORE

Better is coming! MORE

Podcast: You won't be stuck here forever MORE

Video: Be joyful in disappointment  MORE

There is no failure in God MORE

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Family involved in Harambe controversy speaks MORE

Lady O cultivating healthy habits in kids MORE

'Dignity Project' helping African women MORE

From kidney disease & cancer to graduation MORE

New NIV 'Lifehacks' Bible MORE

EEW President empowers women MORE

Podcast: Don't doubt God MORE

Why am I going through this? MORE

Video: Are you enjoying everyday life? MORE

Change is coming! MORE

Podcast: Your misery will become your testimony MORE

Devotional: Breakthrough will come! MORE

Vlog: The struggle is real MORE

Ministry cares for the helpless MORE

Manns respond after lightning strikes their home  MORE

Top 50 Bible colleges MORE

TBN co-founder Jan Crouch dies MORE

Podcast: You've got what it takes! MORE

Devotional: A better door is opening MORE

Vlog: That's so disrespectful! MORE

Egyptian Christian, 98, attacked MORE


Healthcare CEO says women need to take control of their health MORE

Gun broker cancels shameful auction of George Zimmerman's gun MORE

Podcast: God is going to make you fruitful MORE

'International Day of the Unreached' focuses on reaching the lost  MORE

Alveda King weighs in on Transgender rights MORE


They were talking about what? EEW President shares a personal conversation with her teenaged daughters

Teens talk about lots of things: sex, peer pressure, hobbies and more.

In her latest vlog, EEW Magazine President, Dianna Hobbs, shares a personal conversation she had with her daughters. What was it about?

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Today's Devotional: God has another (Better!) plan

God is with you, orchestrating your destiny and guiding you every step of the way.

In today's devotional, Dianna Hobbs reminds you that if you remain open and obedient, God will set you up to experience the miraculous!

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Podcast: God is greater

Opposition coming at you forcefully? Don't worry! God’s power is far greater than that of the enemy.

In today's podcast, Dianna Hobbs encourages you to be confident that no attack is great enough to withstand the one who's working in your favor!

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Presbyterian Church in America repents of ‘racial sins’ 

The nation's second largest Presbyterian denomination has passed legislation repenting of "past failures to love brothers and sisters from minority cultures" and committing its members to work toward racial reconciliation.

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Supreme Court ruling imperils abortion laws in many states

NEW YORK (AP) -- By striking down tough abortion restrictions in Texas, the U.S. Supreme Court has emboldened abortion-rights activists nationwide and imperiled a range of anti-abortion laws in numerous states.

Many anti-abortion leaders were openly disappointed, bracing for the demise of restrictions that they had worked vigorously to enact over the past few years.

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7 ways to be truly confident in who you are in God

Anyone can pretend to be confident, but don't you want the real thing?

Healthy self-worth is not about external fixes. It’s all about the inside, where strength, values and perception come from.

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Watch: Christian quarterback Russell Wilson says in good and bad times ‘God wants to use us’

27-year-old Christian star quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, Russell Wilson, believes God allows both good and bad things to happen to believers, in order to reveal Himself to others.

“I think that when we go through ups and downs in life, I think that God wants to use us as vessels so that people can see [and] really figure out who He really is.”

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City of West Colorado Springs admits it ‘acted hastily’ by trying to force a pastor to remove Jesus from public transit campaigns

There is power in the name of Jesus to do many things, including, offend others.

Colorado Springs is now admitting the city “acted hastily” by trying to force a pastor, who has been posting public transit bench ads for the past three years, to remove Jesus’ name, or be permanently banned.

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Yolanda Adams to offer inspiring Olympic tribute on PBS' July 4th special ‘A Capitol Fourth’ 

GRAMMY® Award-winning gospel singer Yolanda Adams is one of the performers tapped for a special salute to our Olympians and Paralympians as they prepare for Rio. 

This July 4th, fans of the well-loved vocalist will see her featured on an annual July 4th PBS special, A Capitol Fourth, on our country's 240th birthday, from 8:00 to 9:30 p.m. ET.

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