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Devotional: You Will See What God Said Happen

This podcast will encourage you to believe! MORE

Devotion: God Will Restore

You will recover. God will renew! MORE

'Pray for America' Campaign

CBN asks viewers and partners to pray for America MORE

Obama Weighs in on Kaepernick

President says he "cares about some real, legitimate issues." MORE

Motivational Scripture

8 verses to help you not to throw in the towel MORE

Podcast: If You Don't Quit, You'll Be Blessed

Refuse to give up. You will reap! MORE

Devotion: The Delay Is Ending

God is about to move on your behalf MORE

President Obama Sued

Blamed for ISIS-led genocide of Christians MORE

Alveda King Says Stop Endorsing

MLK's niece chooses prayer over politics MORE

Read These Encouraging Scriptures

8 verses that will lift your spirits right away MORE

Devotion: Change Is Coming

The prolonged season of hardship is ending MORE

Podcast: Believe That God Is Still Able

Don't lose confidence in heart times MORE

Stay Sexually Pure

5 helpful tips to stay abstinent MORE

Prayer On College Campus Nixed

Administrator said it wasn't a designated "free speech" area  MORE

Pro Trump Pastor Apologizes

He tweeted Hillary Clinton in blackface MORE

A Slice of History

Constance Baker Motley is the 1st African-American female judge MORE

California Passes Rape Bill

It seeks harsher penalty for sexually assaulting unconscious women MORE

5 Somali Soldiers Killed

Islamist militants claim responsibility MORE

Target Desperate Due to Boycott?

Retailer discounting everything after rub over transgender bathrooms MORE

Devotion: Place Confidence In God

Through rough times, keep moving forward in faith MORE

Podcast: Push Past It

Push past fear. Don't let it rob you of destiny MORE

Should Nate Parker's Past Stay In The Past?

The "Birth of a Nation" founder is under fire MORE

Teens and the Bible

Most teens in the U.S. still feverence the Bible MORE


Got News?

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Back-to-school Advice

Tips for Christian parents MORE

Healing Race Relations

Black & White pastors come together MORE

Trump Visits Detroit

GOP candidate courts blacks  MORE

Podcast: Your Dreams Will Come To Pass

You will achieve. Believe. MORE

Devotion: God's Opening Doors

New opportunities are coming your way MORE

From homeless to track stars

Read 3 sisters' incredible story MORE

Devotional: An abundant harvest is coming

You're about to reap!  MORE

Podcast: Provision is coming

God will supply all your needs MORE


NBC's Tamron Hall back in Philly

Journalist goes back home for DNC. Read her story. MORE

Children's choir gets to shine

Over 50 Birmingham kids lift their voices MORE

Gospel singer talks abortion

Lady Bee almost terminated her pregnancy MORE

Indie gospel artist soars to #1

Javonta Patton talks about his surprising rise  MORE

Responding to racism with love

Black woman says this to N-word spewing waitress MORE

Digital Bible is popular

More than a million people flock to this Facebook page MORE

Dylann Roof used Internet to search churches

He looked for historically black churches MORE

The church and social justice

Preacher's daughter says ministries must get involved MORE

Podcast: How to handle trouble

Here's what to do when problems arise MORE

Devotional: Call and God will hear

He's ready, willing and able to help you MORE

5 helpful success tips

What NOT to do if you want to be successful MORE

Planned Parenthood loses

Charges against whistle-blowers dismissed MORE

Nigerian Christians being killed

Christian association CANAN decries murders MORE

O'Reilly says THIS about slaves

They were “well fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government.” MORE

Amnesty International addresses Freddie Gray case

Condemns lack of accountability MORE

Marilyn Mosby drops charges

She explains the tough decision in press conference MORE

Devotional: This is not the end

This isn't your final destination. Greater is coming! MORE

Podcast: Every giant will fall

God has equipped you to defeat the enemy!  MORE

A pastor & officer break bread

The Dallas men want to heal the racial rift MORE


FLOTUS's powerful DNC speech

Watch her deliver it MORE


Healthcare CEO says women need to take control of their health MORE

Gun broker cancels shameful auction of George Zimmerman's gun MORE

Podcast: God is going to make you fruitful MORE

'International Day of the Unreached' focuses on reaching the lost  MORE

Alveda King weighs in on Transgender rights MORE


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WATCH: Adrienne Bailon & Israel Houghton share their engagement story 

The Daytime Emmy®–nominated talk show The Real — hosted by Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry-Housley — kicked off season three on Monday, September 12.

Check out the exclusive first interview with co-host Bailon, 33, and her new fiancé, Gospel musician, Israel Houghton, 45. 



Embarrassing the Lord: Pastor suggests national anthem protestors be shot

There is no evidence that Jesus face-palms, but if He did, an Alabama pastor, who is out here in these streets embarrassing the Lord, would definitely be one of the causes of such a gesture.

The white minister, who doubles as a high school football announcer, says folks who fail to stand for the national anthem should be shot.

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Struggling with confidence? Do these 7 things.

Anyone can pretend to be confident, but don't you want the real thing? Healthy self-worth is not about external fixes. It’s all about the inside, where strength, values and perception come from.

So if you're struggling with confidence, EEW Magazine recommends that you do these 7 things.

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Be instantly healthier with these 7 easy tips

Want to be healthier and don't know where to start? It's possible and easy to get started!

Just incorporate these 7 tips from EEW Magazine to get you on the right track.

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Write This Down: 10 things you need to get rid of so you can thrive

Do you want to live the abundant life God has for you? Then break out your your journal and write down the things holding you back that you need to get rid of.

To help you do that, EEW Magazine is getting your list started with 10 things (in no particular order) that will stop you from being blessed and prosperous.

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Dreaming of a Way Out: Millions of children globally seeking to escape danger, poverty, conflict

Sixty-five million children around the world are on the move – running from conflict, poverty and extreme weather, looking for a better life and a place to call home. They are among the most vulnerable people on earth – children on the edge. 

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Bishop Hezekiah Walker, Edwin Hawkins to be honored at 'Evolution of Gospel' event marking Gospel Music Heritage Month

The Gospel Music Heritage Month Foundation is proud to announce its eighth annual "Evolution of Gospel," which commemorates the month of September as Gospel Music Heritage Month.

The celebration will present inspirational and exhilarating music performances by some of Gospel music's biggest stars and honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the rich legacy of Gospel music in America.

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Today's Devotional: Get ready for rare blessings

What seems unlikely and impossible is what God is about to do for you.

In today’s devotional, Dianna Hobbs encourages you to believe God for something special in this season of your life.

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Podcast: God will take care of you 

No matter how unfavorable your circumstances may be today, you’ve got a promise from God: He will take care of you. He’ll see to it that you be blessed and that you come out victoriously.

In today’s podcast, Dianna Hobbs is offering up biblical encouragement that will comfort and empower you through your most trying season.

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Chairman of U.S. Commission on Civil Rights calls religious freedom ‘code’ for ‘discrimination’

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (USCCR) has released its report on Peaceful Coexistence, which examines the way legal and constitutional issues arise when anti-discrimination laws and religious liberty conflict.

Charmain Martin R. Castro goes hard against religious freedom, demonizing and oversimplifying it as nothing more than a cloak of prejudice.

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